Love and Respect for Cancer Fighters


Sadness and sorrow are two things that can happen to anyone. What makes it wonder is how they can handle the burden and find the strength to face it? We can even ask ourselves how we can deal with the situation. Unfortunately, the answer often comes after we actually experience the tragedy.

The same thing happens to one of our family member who suffers from cancer, a disease that can change everything in a flash. All of a sudden, everything seemed to feel in despair and frightened of uncertain things. Each day is spent in the hospital hallways, waiting a turn for chemotherapy, while gasping to realise that there are so many people who suffer this deadly disease. It makes us wonder if we will become a patient the next time we come by to the room.

Sitting in a chemotherapy ward can be a life changing experience. It makes us think that cancer can affect anyone without even look at the person's status, age, or wealth. No matter what skin colour they have, nor matter how rich they are, it doesn't matter where they come from; they will all share the same pain from cancer.

The courage of a cancer sufferer can be unbearable to be seen without getting the affected. This also happens to me. My dear husband has suffered from a mesothelioma, but he keeps building his courage to fight his illness. His courage is the thing that keeps me up to do everything I can to support him.

To give full support, I try to understand more about cancer's stages and symptoms. The pains that a cancer patient would suffer and how to relieve it. This information is very important so that I can go hand in hand with the doctor and provide my husband with the best time he can get in his remaining life. The hardest part of each single day of my life is that I wake up realising my husband dying condition. But, I have to get over it and carry on. People often think that I'm a strong woman. But I'm not.

Each one of us has great strength to face a tragedy, and I realise it when I stay on my husband's side while he's fighting his cancer for two years, while the doctor only expects him to live for three to nine months. The doctor's prognosis is not a reason for him to give up. Through his eyes, I can see the courage that makes him stay for that long. The spirit also affects me and makes me learn a lot about the disease. In the end, I don't feel any regret for I have given him the best time in the last moment of his life.

Though he's not on my side anymore, I don't consider it as a tragedy. My husband has taught me to be grateful for what I've got. My husband may have gone away, but his courage, love, and spirit will always stay inside of me and lead me for the rest of my life.